Price list

Discover SCUBA Dive
First we give you instructions in the sea, then we take you out for a real sea dive!
A perfect way to see the underwater world for the first time!
Sea dive with instructions (2 - 5m)
Sea Dive (5 -10m)
Extra Personal Attention!
Boat Dive
Have you dived before and just want to go for a dive with us?
10 meter dive on our house Reef: 'The Octopus Shallows' with great visibility and no current!
Boat Dive (10m)
Dual Dive Package
2 dives a day, at 2 different dive sites. Prices go down when more than 4 dives are booked. Ask us about reduction for packages.
Best value-for-money option!
Two boat dives (10m)
Ask for our discounts for more than 4 dives!
Deep and Night Dives
We are taking you down below 20 meters or taking you to 10 meters at night!
Technical deep dives (possibly with current and large marine life). Or rather do a thrilling night dive?
Equipment (incl. Lights, etc.)
Extensive Prep and briefing
Custom Attention when required
Guaranteed thrills!
(Only for experienced, licensed divers)
Wrecks and Tunnels
Our most special Dives! Prices are on-request depending on distance (fuel) and special wishes.
Ask us for the possibilities... We have many options here to cater for your wishes.
Equipment (incl. Lights, etc)
Fuel for remote location(s)
Guaranteed thrills!
(Only for experienced, licensed divers)