Unser Team

The Team


Aykut Karpat a.k.a. „The Boss“.

Aykut has been a diving instructor for as long as he can remember (more than 20 years), and has practically spent more time under water than above water. Aykut manages the dives and takes great pride in teaching courses to new divers and pros alike.






Serap Karpat.

Serap is our logistics ‚go-to person‘. She in an instructor too (for 15 years), but nowadays mainly focuses on the well-being of our customers and the logistics of our center. She handles our finances and planning.









Pascal Matern.

Pascal’s done all his certification from 2 Star all the way to Instructor with Aykut. They met 13 years ago when Pascal worked at the school for a season and Pascal’s stuck around ever since. Pascal specialises in doing courses in different languages and leading night- and

technical dives.